(8th) 9th - 13th october 2018

Networks in Archaeological Research

Ranging from exchange to urban networks, interactions systems are a basic component of every society, from the prehistoric to the modern. The Research School ‘MOSAICnet: Networks in archaeological research’ aims at bringing together young and senior researchers around this transdisciplinary issue of networks. The Research School oers the state of the art of several methodological approaches (such as Social Network Analysis, Spatial Network Analysis, etc.), resulting from the dialogue between the Human and the Exact Sciences. It also intends to discuss their contributions to the research on past social, cultural and economic interactions.


Oliver Nakoinz, Katherine Gruel, Vincent Guichard, Clara Filet and Franziska Faupel


Some pictures taken through our Research School!

Group Picture


View from Bibracte

Tour in Bibracte


Groupe at Bibracte



Only one week left and we will finally meet at Bibracte! We (the organizers) are really looking forward to meet you in person. We would like to remind you to install R and R Studio (How to install R and R Studio). If you have any problems installing, please contact us. Surely, we can solve the problem. As we are spending the week in Bibract Research Center, a beautifully remote place - perfect to study, there is only limited WiFi access. [Read More]

More content!

We added the presentations for Bloc 3 (Exchange Systems in Space). And a link to our R Script folder R Scripts. If you follow those links, you will be redirected to a GitLab Repository. To make it short: This is were we develop our teaching material. If you like, have a look at the content of this repository. You will find scripts, data, geographical data ect. During the Research School we will show you how to work with these folders and data. [Read More]

Lectures are online!

The Introduction to R is finished! You can have a look into the content of Bloc 0.

Material -> Lectures

Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand the content before the Research School!

Get ready for the 8th of october!

The website now contains new information about how to prepare your data for using them at the Research School (see Material / Data Collections). It also provides a range of useful cheatsheets (see Learning R / Cheat sheets).

New updates coming soon ;)

Only a few weeks left!

All participants should have received an e-mail containing a link to our website!


We will use this website to provide you with teaching material, scripts and data. As we are still building it, there is only limited content so far. But I already added some usefull links and tutorial on getting started with R (see “TUTORIAL” above).